Terms of Online Sale

Article 1

These general conditions of travel tickets Internet sales determine the conditions under which the provider of ticket sales service SOL ITUM d.o.o. (hereinafter Sol itum) will provide the service of travel tickets sales to its passenger (hereinafter the Buyer) on its website www.getbybus.com.

Article 2

Online travel ticket purchase 

On the website www.getbybus.com, the Buyer can buy a ticket online. It is considered that a contract of carriage between the passenger and the carrier as well as a contract of mediation between passenger and Sol itum is concluded after a successful payment transaction, after which the ticket and the bill are submitted to the Buyer's e-mail address. 

After having purchased and received the ticket on his e-mail address or through the “my ticket” area at getbybus.com, the Buyer has to print out the ticket. 

Unless specified, the following services are not included in the ticket price 
1. Bus station fee (Kolodvorska naknada), this fee is charged buy some bus stations for entering the premises of the bus station. The fee is usually around 5-10 Kuna (0.65-1.30 Euro). 
2. Luggage fee, depending on carrier fees, might be charged for luggage going to the hold of the bus, the prices vary depending on the route and the amount of luggage and carrier operating the route. For domestic bus lines the fee is usually around 5-10 Kuna (0.65-1.30 Euro) for a regular suitcase.

Article 3

For all offers that can be purchased via the Internet, the contract is realized by delivering a confirmation to the Buyer on successful purchase via e-mail. In order to make a successful purchase, a successful completion of payment module is necessary. In case the electronic payment is not done, the purchase will be deleted. 

After purchasing the ticket on the website www.getbybus.com, the Buyer will, as a confirmation, immediately receive an e-mail message with data of the order. 

Purchased ticket is only valid in printed form. On entering the bus, the buyer must have the previously printed ticket, received via e-mail or downloaded, which has to be submitted to the bus staff as well as the document that proves that the Buyer is the person to whom the ticket is addressed. 

The ticket can be downloaded under “My ticket” at Getbybus.com; to access “My tickets”, the Customer has to “Sign In” to the account either by use of Google plus or the username and password used to create an account on Getbybus.com by the purchase of the ticket. Getbybus.com will also send the ticket by E-mail, directly after the purchase, Getbybus.com can however not guarantee that the mail is actually delivered to the Customer's mail account. One copy of the ticket is handed to the driver upon entering the bus. 

If the Buyer, having purchased a ticket online, chose some of the discounts (children, pensioners or other discount available), on entering the bus he is required to prove that he belongs to the discounted category he chose. If the Buyer does not prove this, he is obliged to pay the full price of the ticket to the driver or the ticket is considered invalid and the Buyer loses any right to a refund of the money paid for the ticket.

Article 4

The Transport service is provided by the carrier stated on the bus ticket, in case the route is operated by more carriers in co-operation, all carrier names will be stated on the ticket. 

The Carrier provides transport services for the Customer and is therefore the enforcer within the meaning of the Passenger Transport Act. With the conclusion of the contract (Purchase of a ticket), the Customer is entitled to use transport services of the Carrier according to the booking carried out at GetByBus.com. GetByBus will do its outmost to insure, but cannot guarantee the proper fulfilment of the contract between the Customer and Carrier. The terms and conditions of the carrier operating the route apply for the transportation service.

Article 5

5.1 Through frequent updates Getbybus.com does its outmost to secure the correctness of the timetables online. However, we can not guarantee and we are not liable for the correctness of the information, any action taken based on information found on Getbybus.com is your own responsibility. If you should have any doubts about which departure time to choose, please consult our helpdesk staff for advice which you can do here

5.2 Routes buyable online on Getbybus: Timetables and prices for these routes have been confirmed and published for sale by the carrier providing the transportation service. 

5.3 If there is a difference between the online timetable and the time printed on the ticket, the time on the ticket is the valid one. 

5.4 Having purchased a ticket, the Customer accepts that minor changes in the timetable, e.g. in cases of delays due to traffic or other circumstances not caused by negligence of the carrier, might occur. In case of late departure or full bus, the carrier might re-book customer to a later departure if such is available within a reasonable time frame from the original scheduled departure time. Delays in arrival time may occur, especially in periods with heavy traffic. In case of cancellation or considerable delay, the Client will receive a refund. 

5.5 In case of a planned or necessary timetable change, Getbybus will inform the Customer via the E-mail provided by the ticket purchase. It is the obligation of the Customer to check the E-mail 12 hours prior to the departure, to check whether there are any announced changes in the timetable. 

5.6 Purchasing a ticket for a bus route including one or more border crossings, customer is obligated to bring a valid passport. 

5.7 Return tickets: Depending on the Carrier, return tickets of the following types might be available: 

5.7.1 Regular return tickets with a fixed date for the return drive. Return ticket can be downloaded from the “My ticket” area on Getbybus.com. 

5.7.2 Open return; this ticket has an open date for the return drive, depending on the Carrier, validity of the open return ticket may vary, and typically it has a length of 90 days. 

5.7.3 To use an open return ticket, the Customer has to login to “My tickets” at Getbybus.com and pick a date and time for the return journey, once this is done the return has to be downloaded and printed. One copy of the “Open” return ticket is handed to the driver upon entering the bus. 

5.8 For certain routes and carriers other rules might apply.

Article 6

Sales deadline: 

Bus tickets can usually be purchased on the website www.getbybus.com within a period of 6-24 hours before the trip but deadlines vary depending on the carrier and occupancy of a specific bus line.

Article 7

Purchased ticket re-booking and refund. 

Refund for purchased tickets: 

A full or partial refund for the paid tickets (minus service fee) is possible under the following circumstances 

1. Passengers have to request the refund minimum 48 hours prior to the departure time stated on the original ticket 
2. The refund request should be sent on E-mail using the contact form at getbybus.com 

The amount refunded is deducted a service fee of 80 Kuna per ticket. 

A ticket refund less the 48 hours before the departure stated on the original ticket is not possible. 

NOTE: In accordance with article 3(k) of the Directive 2011/83/EU, passenger transport services are not under the scope of said directive and consequently are not subject to the application of the right of withdrawal. NOTE: Special rules apply if the bus is cancelled. 

Ticket re-booking: 
A re-booking of a ticket to any other route sold on GetByBus (Lines which have a price) is possible 24 hours prior to the departure time stated on the original ticket. 

If the price of the new ticket is less or the same as the price of the original ticket, the re-booking is done at no charge. 

If the price of the new ticket is higher than the price of the original ticket, the client will have to pay the difference; Sol itum will send a payment slip for the remaining amount 

To request a re-booking please use the following form remember to state the number of your original ticket. 

Ticket transfer or voucher 

In addition to the ticket re-booking, the buyer is granted the following options free of charge, provided they are requested 24 hours prior to the departure time stated on the original ticket. 

1. Client may re-assign the ticket to another passenger 
2. Client may rest the ticket for up to 6 months (Voucher) 

To request a ticket transfer or voucher use the following form (https://getbybus.com/en/contact), remember to state the number of your original ticket. 

Any change request, being it re-booking or ticket transfer less then 24 hours before the departure time stated on the original ticket is not possible.

Article 8

Information on travel ticket prices is available on the website www.getbybus.com. Online travel tickets can be paid by Diners, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa credit cards. 

Instalment payment is not allowed.

Article 9

Additional information 

For any additional questions on online ticket sales please contact 

SOL ITUM d.o.o.
Marina Getaldića 12
21000 SPLIT
tel: 021 315 620
fax: 021 315 621

Article 10.

Sol itum can change these General terms according to its business politics and the appropriate legal obligations by the EU.

Article 11.

These General terms are valid on the date of enactment and are available to the buyers on www.getbybus.com. These General terms apply starting from 14.02.2014.

Article 12. 3d secure

3d secure safe internet shopping

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